Scholarship Info

Guidelines and Procedures

Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association

Turfgrass Scholarship Program

Goal of Scholarship Committee:

To identify individuals working toward a career in turfgrass management or related field that have applied for financial support from the Association and recognize their needs along with providing support that can be given from the SNGCSA scholarship fund on a semester basis.


The Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association’s Board of Directors is the governing body of the SNGCSA Scholarship Committee in which the Committee is appointed for a one year term that is renewable. The Scholarship Committee is composed of a Chairman and Vice Chairman. These appointments are chosen by the officers of the SNGCSA Board of Directors.

Criteria Guidelines:

Academic Excellence – The applicant must maintain 2.5 or above GPA in turf curriculum.

Career Preparation – The applicant must show potential to make outstanding contribution toward the turf profession.

Scholarship Guidelines:

Applicant must be a current student and employee of a SNGCSA member golf course.

Golf Hole in OneApplicant must be an active participating member of the SNGCSA.

Applicant must provide a written explanation of needs and future intentions within our industry.

Applicant must submit a recommendation letter from the member sponsor along with the application.

Upon the need for additional assistance and any future requests, applicant must provide the most current transcripts to show progress being made in field of study.

Scholarship Award Amounts:

Funds will be dispersed once the scholarship application has been approved by the SNGCSA Scholarship Committee.  The amount of the scholarship will depend on credit hours carried and transcripts from the previous semester.  Scholarship amounts awarded may range from $250 to $1000. Applicants will be awarded scholarships on individual merit based on class load and grades. An annual maximum of $1500 per applicant will apply.

If you have not attended any classes by the application deadline, the board may release 50% of the scholarship amount to be paid at the time of registration, with the remaining balance to be paid upon submission of transcripts or report card to the Board of Directors.

Scholarships may be awarded for:

  1. Four Year Degree Program
  2. Two Year Degree Program
  3. Internet/Web Based Classes

The current Board of Directors of the SNGCSA will have the ability to update and alter, as well as, approve the selection and application of any candidate that applies for financial assistance from the Association. Any candidate that does not meet selected criteria for assistance can petition the Board at anytime to try to qualify for financial aid through the Association. The SNGCSA’s Scholarship Committee is a non profit committee of the Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association.

Rev 1/05