Message from the President

President’s Message

I would like to thank all the members for putting your trust in me to run our association for the 2018 year. I will do everything in my power to enhance and promote our association. I am extremely confident that 2018 will be a great year as I am surrounded by an amazing board of directors, and team of dedicated professionals. Our team is already working on filling in an entire year of events with places, dates, and times. That way everyone can include our meetings into their very busy schedules. We are also doing an extensive membership drive the first few months of this new year. Our goal for this year is to exceed 150 members and push the number back over 200 by next year.  Our association has not seen these membership numbers since the economy crash of 2008. I believe that with a little devotion and excitement combined with a full year of events, we can reach these membership numbers. Even if we get every Superintendent in the valley to join and some of their assistants, we still must rely on our vendors for the remaining membership numbers. Without our vendors and their sponsorship and support our association would cease to exist. So, with that in mind, I ask every Superintendent member to ask all your vendors you do business with to join our association. Just maybe if they are not a member than maybe they are not worthy of doing business with them.

Kory has updated the website with the new board members contact information. Below is a list of the new board as well as their responsibilities.

Scott Sutton – President

  • Chairman – Desert Green Committee
  • Co-Chairman – S&R Tournament, and Website & Facebook Committees

Dale Hahn – Past President

  • Co-Chairman – Golf & Tournament Committee
  • Co-Chairman – S&R Tournament Committee

James Symons – Vice President

  • Chairman – Golf & Tournament Committee
  • Co-Chairman – S&R Tournament Committee

Nathan Shipley – Secretary / Treasurer

  • Chairman – Christmas Party Committee
  • Co-Chairman – S&R Tournament Committee

Greg Niendorf – Director

  • Co-Chairman – Education Committee and S&R Tournament Committee

Jon Christenson – Director

  • Chairman – Education Committee
  • Co-Chairman – S&R Tournament Committee and Desert Green Committee

Kory Kirk – Director

  • Assistant Superintendents Representative
  • Chairman – Website & Facebook Committee
  • Co-Chairman – S&R Tournament Committee

Jaime Ovalle – Director

  • Vendor Representative
  • Chairman – Benevolence Committee
  • Co-Chairman – Christmas Party and S&R Tournament Committees

Misty Kadel – Chapter Executive

1750 North Rampart Blvd / Las Vegas / Nevada / 89128